Want To Awaken Your Spirit, Heal Your Body, & Live Your Best Life? Join The Chakra Club Today!
($150 Value) - For Just $33.97

What Is The Chakra Club

 Within all living beings are seven powerful centers of energy called chakras. Every chakra holds the potential for immense healing and restoration. The Chakra Club shows you how to harness that power using crystals and other beginner-friendly practices that anyone can do.
I absolutely recommend this subscription to anyone who asks! I love your store!! (Sarah T)

Why Balance Your Chakras?

When your seven chakras are open and balanced, energy can flow freely through your body and mind so you can...

 Find Emotional Balance: Decrease stress and increase feelings of inner peace, mental clarity and contentment.
 Unlock Holistic Well-Being
You'll feel more centered, balanced, and in tune with your body, emotions & spirit.
 Access Your Best Self
Deepen your connection with the universe as you embark on a journey of energy healing & positive transformation.

What's In A Chakra Pack?

Each Month you'll get everything you need to balance one of your chakras.

Each Chakra Pack Includes

 3 Natural Crystals: to balance one of your 7 chakras & exactly how to use them.
 Chakra Balancing For Beginners: Everything you need to know about what each chakra does and simple techniques to balance them with your crystals.
 A Chakra Assessment that shows which of your chakras are blocked, overactive or balanced.
 Chakra Healing Practices: Hand picked practices, music, affirmations and more that resonate with each chakra so you can bring it back into balance.
 Amazing Value: By joining the Chakra Club everything you'll receive is 70% OFF its retail price!

Example Chakra Pack Crystals

Total Value ($150

Now: $33.97 a month

 No Obligations! You can cancel your Chakra Club membership anytime before your billing date by emailing support@turixstore.com 
 30 Day Money Back Guarantee! If you don't love the Chakra Club just email us and we will refund your chakra pack within 30 days!  
What People Are Saying About Our Crystal Memberships!

"These are the things that keep me happy!"

This is my second package, and I'm a very happy customer! These are the things that keep me happy. It's nice to have something to look forward to, even being someone on very limited to almost non existent money funds these days. Thank you Turix  (Stephanie D)

"You are the best!!"

So happy to tell you that I got my last package of crystals in the mail today. I almost forgot about it, but it still crossed my mind, so it made me very pleased when I opened it. Thank you so much for all the work you put into making it arrive so soon. I know I'm repeating myself, but you are the best!! I look forward to seeing what's new in the crystal world and seeing what's in my next pack! (Sandra T)

"15 minutes a day made a big difference!!"

As a first-time member, I wasn't sure how I would like it, but I was surprised at how just taking 15 minutes, give or take, a day can change your outlook and make you feel better all the way around.

"I am very much looking forward to the rest of the chakras!"

I LOVE what I received in the chakra club package! So grateful! There was an additional gemstone/crystal that wasn't explained or identified in the root chakra guide. Might be jasper? I'd like to know what it is for sure.
I am very much looking forward to the rest of the chakras!

"I Love the Chakra Club"

"Thank you so much for the chakra club, I have loved it! and your customer service is absolutely outstanding, you've always been super quick to reply whenever I've had any sort of issue - (Candice H)

"I enjoy that she makes videos to show or tell you what to do and will answer any questions"

"I love that Sofia is so good to her customers. I enjoy that she makes videos to show or tell you what to do and will answer any questions." (Nicole Tucker)

"I love the booklet that comes with the crystals"

"I love the booklet that comes with the crystals. It is very helpful to explain the uses of the crystals I received . I think you are doing a awesome job with this membership. It is helping me understand the meaning of the crystals ! - (Donna M)

"I very much enjoyed this month's pack"

"I very much enjoyed this month's pack because I'm horrible at setting goals as well as following through with them. I will definitely be keeping the booklet from this month's pack to help me to get better with setting goals for myself and following through with obtaining each goal that I set.
" - (Jasmine Pierre)

"You have broadened my horizons."

"I love love love this...you have broadened my horizons...I've introduced my daughter and granddaughter...I get compliments all the time...I love your crystals...I go to my metaphysical bookstores each weekend and rarely purchase because I just love my membership.

"stones and jewelry are beautiful!"

"I love the monthly delivery of crystals and positivity guides. They are very informational and the stones and jewelry are beautiful. I love them all!" - (Susana P)

"I absolutely LOVE every single piece I get from Turix"

I absolutely LOVE every single piece I get from Turix, along with the incredible knowledge they provide to help me not only choose the perfect piece but how to properly use and take care of it. I have 3 highly sensitive daughters so facing the crazy world we live in can be even more of a challenge for us. I am always looking for ways to help make things just a little easier and crystals are a wonderful tool for this. I was lucky enough to win a $100 gift card from Turix and I bought 4 of these beautiful, powerful necklaces for each of my daughters and myself. Just knowing they have these necklaces with them gives me peace of mind and confidence that they can handle any obstacles they may face out in this beautiful, crazy world we live in. I can’t thank you enough 💕 - Jennifer H
FAQ About The Chakra Club
What Crystals Will I Receive?
You’ll receive 3 new crystals every month that balance one of your chakras and guidance on exactly how to use them.

For example, The first pack you’ll receive will balance your root chakra then next month, you’ll receive crystals for your sacral chakra.
Do I get a new guide with each pack?
Each chakra pack comes with a printed booklet that will give you access to the full guide online.
When do I get billed?
Your 1st pack is billed and shipped at the time you become a member. Thereafter you are billed every month on the same date you joined. 
Can I cancel anytime?
Yes! Just email support@turixstore.com to cancel your membership at any time. Just keep in mind that cancellations made after your billing date will be effective for the following month. 
How long will my pack take to arrive?
The packs have a delivery time frame of 2-4 weeks on average. You'll receive a tracking number once it ships.
Contact us: support@turixstore.com
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